Company Profile

AMT is an industry leader in the:

  • Development and application of inertial navigation methods for the automation of underground mining equipment and systems
  • Development, manufacture and supply of advanced sensing technologies for accurate in-seam control of the mining process
  • Adaptation of new and enabling technologies for the mining industry

Technology Transfer Centre QCAT

AMT is located at the Technology Transfer Centre at the Queensland Centre for Advanced TechnologiesBrisbane Australia, home to the mining-related divisions of Australia’s largest research and development organisation, the CSIRO.

Our expertise in the application of underground guidance systems is internationally recognised. AMT has played a key role in establishing the wide spread use of inertial guidance within the highwall mining industry. This includes the development of the first highwall mining guidance system in the late 1990’s through to the current Mk4 Highwall Guidance System released in 2011.

This  highwall guidance technology overcomes major operational and performance limitations associated with earlier highwall mining practice. Its use has directly led to increased productivity and penetration depth and reduced risk to personnel and equipment. Inertial guidance is considered by industry as essential for safe and efficient highwall mining and AMT supplied technologies are deployed on mining systems in Australia, United States, Canada, South Africa and India.

The industry-acknowledged success of AMT’s highwall guidance technology has attracted attention in other coal and non-coal mining applications. The latest generation Mining Guidance System provides a common hardware and system-level platform with tailored firmware to suit new and emerging applications in automated potash mining and underground coal mining.